UPPERCUT is a curatorial project in the form of an independent, non-profit exhibition space based in Lisbon, Portugal, co-founded in 2019 by António Neves Nobre and Filipa Correia de Sousa.

Its programming plan aims to establish an encounter between the work of national and international artists from different generations, creating a collaborative platform that emphasizes a dialogue between the work of contemporary and historical artists. The project also aims to articulate a periodic collaboration with guest curators and to promote the presentation of original and unheard-of works by portuguese artists.

Accompanying this project, in the beginning of 2021, UPPERCUT EDITIONS, a publisher of exclusive multiples and art editions, is launched. Through a production that takes place by means of the most varied and distinct formats, these editions give access to new and original works by the invited artists.

In close collaboration with portuguese artists, UPPERCUT EDITIONS thus seeks to spread new proposals of current artistic production and to promote to the general public the possibility of acquiring new and limited art editions, openly available in order to enhance greater accessibility to different audiences, namely, new groups of art collectors.

The profits obtained revert entirely to the artists and to support the production of future art editions and exhibitions.

Timetable: Fridays from 3 to 7 p.m.


During July and August - Only by appointment

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